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BlueZone Terminal Emulation

Right out of the box, our BlueZone Emulator supports Secure Sockets Layer (SSL v3.0 and TLS v1.0), giving you the highest levels of security and code integrity. It also includes BlueZone Secure FTP, which provides SSL and SSH connectivity to any compliant FTP server, including iSeries, z/OS and z/VM.

Rocket Integration Server

Our Rocket Integration Server provides you with an immediate and dynamic way to authenticate users, building your customized BlueZone configurations right at login time. If you are going the Web-to-Host route, our Integration Server is your “secret sauce” for user authentication – and a perfect complement to your Terminal Emulation System.

BlueZone Security Server

BlueZone Security Server provides SSL/TLS encryption and authentication services for all types of clients, including FTP, Telnet, SMTP, and virtually any persistent TCP/IP protocol. Designed primarily to SSL-enable FTP and Telnet servers, our Security Server has grown into a general purpose SSL VPN and Network-Edge Server that provides a robust, yet cost-effective security application that can support thousands of simultaneous connections.

BlueZone Access Server

BlueZone Access Server provides highly secure host access. In addition to the host authentication, BlueZone Access Server gives you highly reliable, multi-layered security features. It incorporates managed access control and synchronised authentication with Microsoft’s Active Directory Services (ADS), Windows Domains, and RSA SecurID. It has a built-in bi-directional 128-bit encryption, and supports Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), IP tagging, and LU name assignment.

The mobile revolution, the big data explosion, and the massive growth of cloud applications have created an enormous number of things to connect. Companies that have figured out how to bring all these things together have a competitive edge. Rocket Access and Connectivity Solutions enable customers to cost-effectively modernise business-critical applications with comprehensive solutions for terminal emulation and host integration.

Rocket Mobile

Rocket Mobile is a new comprehensive mobile application development platform specifically tuned to the requirements of z Systems Mainframe, IBM i and UNIX Linux platforms. With Rocket Mobile you can rapidly transform your business-critical systems of record into new channels of customer engagement or mobile workforce applications, with robust enterprise security and management.

Rocket BlueZone X

Rocket BlueZone X for Windows is a PC X server that lets you connect quickly and easily to X Windows applications running on UNIX and Linux platforms. Run even the most demanding 3D graphics applications – normally accessed only through UNIX workstations – right from your desktop PC.

Rocket LegaSuite

Rocket LegaSuite is a set of application modernization tools to create modern, intuitive user interfaces and web APIs (REST and SOAP), from IBM z Systems Mainframe and IBM i and UNIX Linux midrange applications. Our integration products enable you to easily transform transactions into web APIs, or expand your SOA initiative to orchestrate web services, created from multiple back-end sources, into new composite services that reach across disparate applications and platforms.

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OpenDNS, the world’s leading provider of Internet Navigation and Security Services, makes networks safer, faster, smarter and more reliable. OpenDNS Enterprise provides reliable DNS, Integrated Web Content Filtering, phishing filtering, Botnet protecting and Malware Site Protection Security Services build on the world’s largest and most reliable cloud-based DNS platform.

OpenDNS Enterprise is a breakthrough service that gives customers security and DNS resolution, at a fraction of the cost and complexity of traditional security services. There is no equipment to install, no upgrades and no maintenance.


The most versatile and secure application available, allowing you to use your mobile phone with confidence.

Seecrypt Cryptography

Using double layer, end-to-end, military-grade encryption software, Seecrypt affords individuals and corporations a high level of secure voice and text messaging security, wherever they might be. Each and every call or text message is encrypted on the device with a unique key for each session. This affords maximum protection when communicating with another trusted Seecrypt user.

By using narrowband and adaptive voice compression, Seecrypt is extremely conservative on data usage, consuming data well below the current benchmark of standard voice applications. Seecrypt operates securely over any Internet-connected network worldwide, from Mobile (2G/EDGE, 3G, 4G/LTE) and Wi-Fi, to Satellite Broadband networks, making calling and messaging more cost-effective. This is a major benefit to users with poor cellular coverage or those who suffer on congested networks.

The cryptographic protocols and processes within the Seecrypt application allow two devices to establish a secure end-to-end session between them. When Alice (Device A) communicates with Bob (Device B), a key establishment protocol takes place, after which the two users can opt to trust each other in future communications, by comparing the exchanged public keys.

The session keys derived during the key establishment protocol are used to encrypt all data transferred between the two devices and are unique per session. Two different stream ciphers (AES in Counter Mode and RC4) are used for the data encryption so that even if one of the algorithms is broken, the remaining algorithm will still protect the plaintext information.

When Seecrypt is installed on the user’s device, the application generates a public and private pair of 384-bit Elliptic Curve (EC) keys. During the key establishment protocol, Seecrypt also generates an ephemeral (throw-away) pair of 384-bit EC keys, thus providing the property of Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS). The key establishment protocol is based on the Full Unified Model with Key Confirmation – NIST-SP800-56A C(2,2).

The SecCom Information Security Services

Downloadable Resources

SecCom – Enterprise

SecCom – Investigate

SecCom – SOCVue

SecCom – Umbrella Insights

SecCom – Umbrella FAQs

SecCom – EIQ SecureVue CSI Platform

SecCom – SIEMS-with-investigate – Client-v2


An application installed locally on your premise – or your client’s premise – becomes the main repository for all security data. Delivers monitoring, alerting, reporting, Correlative Analysis and Sys Log Management.


A subscription-based service that enables Security Analysts to remotely manage the on-premise implementation and provide 24 x 7 x 365 continuous monitoring, reporting and incident response.


INVestigate provides the most complete view of the relationships and evolution of Internet domains, IP addresses, and autonomous systems, to pinpoint attackers’ infrastructures and predict future threats.




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