Systems Integration and Agile Software Development

Our goal in software development is to add business value to our client base, which comprises organisations playing in an industry value chain. We realised that the cost of software often depletes the benefits that it brings, and thus we found innovative ways to deliver quality systems at an affordable price within timeframes which business people understand. This is what differentiates us.

Our Approach

The first change was to adopt an agile approach, where our team and the customer join ranks to form a joint team, which delivers the end product that suits the customer. The detail “specification” evolves as the software increments mature into a product which suits the customer requirements. Customer expectations and software delivery stay aligned throughout the process due to early detection of “misunderstandings”. Each increment goes through the full cycle to deliver useable software components and there are no “surprises” when it is time to deliver.

This approach unleashes the dynamics required to focus on the functionality which is really required to serve the business. It cuts the costly specifications which are often based on “misinterpretations”. A large part of useful system functionality is only discovered as the system develops, and premature “specifications” often miss the essence of what is really required.

Our Tools

We adopted the OutSystems Platform to enhance our productivity. It accelerates our development ability and reduces delivery time significantly. The tool suite also supports us in managing the operational phase and reduces the cost of ownership during all phases of the system life cycle. The flexibility allows us to package our service offerings from SaaS to software deployment on a customer’s own infrastructure. It all depends on what best suits the business requirement.

While the majority of our solutions are cloud-based, we retain all the tools to deliver traditional software products in the rare cases where these are required.

We also understand that nothing lives in isolation, and thus we have the ability to integrate our solutions with whatever system is needed to interact with our solutions. OutSystems has standard interfaces with popular ERPs such as SAP.


Our Skills

Our competencies developed from good academic foundations, years of experience and product specific exposure. Our skills base covers environments such as Java and .NET, with a variety of DBMs.

Our subject matter expertise is honed for our core focus, of which Supply-Chain Optimisation and Traceability are focus areas.

We also understand that technical skills should be combined with business acumen to render successful solutions.


Our Dedication

Innovation can only thrive where people are dedicated to their cause and enjoy their daily tasks. We have a dynamic team who believes that they can change the world.



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