IQ Logistica provides specialised business intelligence to the expanded agriculture ecosystem through its custom built software, processes, and personnel.

We are a team of talented specialists committed to creating effective software tools to aid the agri ecosystem.

vision statement

IQ Logistica will accelerate sustainable growth across all agriculture ecosystems utilising our intelligence infrastructure to shape the future.


Founded in 2014, IQ Logistica is a specialist-lead, software as a service provider offering the absolute best in agriculture focused, traceability and sustainability solutions.

Through our dynamic product suite and services, we envision a world where sustainability is the absolute norm, and where farmers and your teams are driving the outputs that humanity not only strives for, but deserves.

By not only integrating world-class tech solutions for agriculture, but maintaining the human element of agricultural needs; IQ Logisitica engages the people who grow, manage and protect South Africa’s produce and ensures that human resources and technology are working hand-in-hand to produce traceable and therefore sustainable products for the public.

Our company works with farmers, bankers, insurers, and stakeholders in the agriculture industry to ensure that you are producing for the market; the best in sustainable outputs for wholesalers, suppliers and your customers.