IQ Thentic

IQ Thentic

Bringing a 360 degree understanding of your farming operations to your device

The IQ Thentic farm management platform is the one place for you to manage all of your farming operations. The software handles budgeting, inventory and overarching farm information all the way down to the block level. Our performance management tools will help you on your path to achieving greater productivity. Farmers also have the benefit of having access to various services such as insurance and finance. Get in touch to find out more.

Key Analytics &

  • Monitor seasonal progress with over 100 farming data points
  • Farm/block geographic information system (GIS) mapping
  • Input inventory management
  • Seasonal budgeting
  • Off-take contracts management
  • Safe organisational and Know Your Customer (KYC)/Financial Intelligence Centre Act (FICA) information storage
  • *Apply for input finance
  • *Apply for insurance
  • *Order inputs

*Upcoming functionality


  • Improves efficiencies in farming to increase yields, create consistency, and improve quality
  • Reduces production costs
  • Conserves natural resources
  • Reduces post-harvest losses
  • Improves access to local and international markets
  • Improve legislative and regulatory compliance
  • Strengthens value chain linkages
  • Better access to information and intelligence enables informed decisions about production, access to finance, access to markets and new developments.

IQ Thentic

Bridge important demand signals straight through to your suppliers

The IQ Thentic secondary platform – made for millers, presses, and gins – is the software that manages the order flow details from your farming suppliers all the way to your dispatch notes when your product is ready to leave your facilities. Our state of the art software tracks your physical commodities as well as the contracts, orders, and finances from start to finish. Ask us how we can help.

The IQ Thentic processor module manages the orders in, orders out, and everything in between. Over the past 5 years, IQ Logistica partnered with agriculture processors to develop a single platform that provides full traceability to:

  • manage suppliers,
  • monitor stock,
  • manage orders, and
  • optimise business.

IQ Thentic easily interfaces directly with existing management systems and devices such as weighbridges to allow data access for crucial business decisions.

Key Analytics &

  • Manage supplier data
  • Manage contracts and key terms/obligations
  • Full item handling and inventory management
  • Manage off-take contracts and dispatch notes
  • Safely store organisational, financial, and KYC/FICA information
  • *Apply for finance

*Upcoming functionality

IQ Thentic

Track the information you need, when you need it – at your fingertips

The IQ Thentic platform for financiers, insurers, and extension officers; gives you comfort that your loans, policies, and collateral are safe with 24/7 access to what is happening on farm or processor level without venturing beyond your device. Our specialized finance and insurance dashboards have been developed by our team of agriculture bankers who understand what ‘mission critical’ is to your business.


  • Manage customer data
  • Manage contracts and key terms/obligations
  • Manage budgets and loan disbursement spending
  • Full item handling, inventory, and collateral management
  • Manage off-take contracts and dispatch notes
  • Safely access organisation, financial, and KYC/FICA information